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Black Tea Sirloins (x4)




4 x Sirloin Hearts in Black Tea

(1.22 lbs avg weight/steak)


Our sirloin steaks in black tea are lean, tender and pack a flavorful, juicy punch. We’ve been hard at work developing ways to naturally tenderize those tougher or leaner cuts and have found the perfect formula. So why black tea? Typical marinades contain vinegar and sugars, which tenderizes the meat, but also changes the flavor profile. The tannins found in tea help draw out the natural juices in the meat, making it more juicy and tender without affecting the delicious natural flavor of the beef.

For preparation, simply open the package, pat dry, season and prepare using your favorite cooking method!

All of our steaks are hand-carved by our expert meat cutters, individually sealed in our sous vide rated barrier film and frozen – guaranteeing freshness and extending shelf life.


  • Frozen products thawed – good in your fridge for up to three weeks

Additional information

Weight 19.13 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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