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Our Mission

At Circle M Meats, we know the importance of not only feeding yourself and your family high-quality foods, but also being mindful of the environmental impact of the agricultural industry as a whole. That's why our mission is to produce and provide premium-quality, sustainably-sourced meats delivered straight to your door.

We strive to use the entire animal when being processed so nothing goes to waste from our quality meats, leather goods and pet products.

Quality is our mission. Sustainability is our passion.

Meat Sourced from a Farm that Cares

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Our Priority Is Quality & Sustainability

Circle M Meats’ top priority is providing delivery of premium-quality beef, pork and chicken to socially conscious buyers.

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  • We’re a farmer-owned, family-run company
  • We strive to use 100% of each animal
  • We guarantee all products are sustainably sourced
  • All of our animals are raised, treated and processed humanely
  • We take great pride in the premium quality of our products

We Care About Our
Animals & Community

Circle M Meats believes in giving back by supporting local charitable organizations.

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