Butcher Block Cow

Situated below the chuck and adjacent to the plate, the brisket is found on the breast of the cow. The brisket is typically prepared in a slow-cooker or cooked low and slow on the barbecue.

The chuck primal cut comes from the shoulder, or forequarter, area of the cow. This primal is comprised of the upper arm, the shoulder blade, and part of the neck. Cuts from the chuck primal are known for their rich and beefy taste with meat that is perfect for slow-cooking or grilling.

Looking for a lean yet flavorful cut? The flank primal, located below the loin primal, is a great choice for you. This area is the source of the flank steak which is perfect for braising or grilling.

Also known as the short plate primal, the plate primal is located directly below the ribs of the cow. This area is known to have a higher fat content and produces highly popular cuts such as ground beef, short ribs, and skirt steak.

The rib primal is found under the backbone on the forequarter of the cow and includes meat from the 6th through the 12th ribs. Cuts yielded from the rib primal are often described as rich and flavorful – such as the prime rib roast and the ribeye steak.

Sometimes called the “beef hip,” the round primal is located on the backend of the cow. The round primal is the source of lean cuts of meat that come from hind legs and rump. Because of the location of this primal, cuts are often less tender and are sold as roasts, ground beef, and steaks for marinating.

The shank primal is situated on the cow’s leg between the elbow joint and the shoulder. Cuts from the shank primal include the shank cross-cut and the shank center-cut, which are often braised – making the beef tender and flavorful.

Perhaps the griller’s favorite primal, the loin primal is known as the source of the most popular, tender, and flavorful cuts of beef. Located below the backbone, the loin primal is home to the Filet Mingon, tenderloin roast, strip steak, Porterhouse steak, T-bone steak, and more.

Known for being the source of a variety of cuts that are great for grilling and roasting, the sirloin primal is located behind the short loin and above the flank primal. The sirloin primal is separated into the top sirloin butt and the bottom sirloin butt before being segmented into an array of popular steaks. The bottom sirloin butt yields cuts such as the Tri-Tip and Sirloin Bavette, while the top sirloin butt provides cuts like the coulotte roast and top sirloin steak.