Outstanding Cows

From the heartland…

Circle M Meats’ top priority is providing delivery of premium-quality beef, pork and chicken to socially conscious buyers.

  • We’re a farmer-owned, family-run company
  • We strive to use 100% of each animal
  • We guarantee all products are sustainably sourced
  • All of our animals are raised, treated and processed humanely
  • We take great pride in the premium quality of our products

A farmer owned, family owned
company that cares.

Circle M Meats is a family-owned livestock producer and purveyor of high quality beef, pork and chicken. Through our regenerative agriculture model, we reduce waste and harmful environmental impacts, all while supporting our local farmers who have the same passion for humanely-raised, high-quality beef.

We are a completely vertically integrated meat company, from our unique feeding program all the way through to the thought and care we put into our aging program. You can have peace of mind knowing that we take great pride in being responsible for every aspect of our animals’ journey.



We have developed a unique beef feed program comprised of 95%+ upcycled ingredients, which drastically reduces our carbon footprint. What does this mean? Agricultural byproducts that are not human consumable such as distillers grains, vegetable trimmings, even bakery waste, typically end up in landfills. Instead of contributing to a global growing waste issue, we took those byproducts and developed our own unique Bovine Salad ®. Cattle are able to take these byproducts and “upcycle” them into quality protein, meaning better meat for you, the consumer.


Started in 2018, Circle M Cattle is a relationship driven cattle service that is dedicated to serving the agriculture industry by providing the highest level of husbandry to our livestock. Our 10-acre feedyard targets 3,200 head annually in the southwest Missouri region, and we hold ourselves and our partners to the same high standard for being good stewards of the land as well as the animals raised on it. We apply regenerative agricultural practices such as our wastewater management system, which restores soil carbon and nitrogen. You might be seeing a theme here! We strive to apply sustainable practices throughout the entirety of our process – from the moment of conception to the moment you unbox your high-quality aged steak.


Here’s where our story comes full circle. Circle M Meats was created in 2021 as a way to take our sustainable, high-quality beef straight to your door. Our journey led us to purchasing a processing and aging facility in Monett, MO in an effort to align with our mission of being completely vertically integrated. What we do here is age, process and package primal cuts of beef in sous vide rated packaging, then deliver straight to your door! Something that really sets Circle M Meats apart from other online meat companies is the fact that all of our steaks and chicken products are packaged in sous vide graded material, meaning you can unbox your steaks and throw them straight into your pot of water equipped with a sous vide unit!



602 N 17th Street | Monett, MO 65708